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Turn-Key Systems

When you want it done right the first time, turn to SensorData with your challenge. We take out the hassle. We add the speed. We’ll deliver the complete ready-to-install system that meets your requirements.

Here’s a good example:

Real-Time Conveyor Diagnostic System


The patented M411-106-10K conveyor diagnostic system consists of a multiple axes sensor with on-board amplifiers, ADCs for each measurement axis, on-board 915 MHz transmitter with antenna, and remotely located base station transceiver with antenna. The base station is connected to the USB port of a user supplied PC. When properly installed in a belt conveyor the M411-106-10K system measures, while the conveyor is in motion, tensile force Fz, horizontal bending moment Mx, vertical bending moment My, and twisting moment Mz. The M411-106-10K is supplied with software to help the user acquire and display the measured data in real time and archive the measured data for later comparison and analysis. The M411-106-10K is the ideal analytical tool to help anticipate and prevent costly conveyor breakdowns, and as an evaluation tool to help establish benchmarks for newly installed, or repaired, conveyors.

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