Bluetooth works for more than just speakers, smartphones, and laptops. Bluetooth technology has also been incorporated into items like a wireless force transducer and wireless force sensors. While you may have seen wireless options before, typically it’s offered as an add-on or afterthought. True-wireless sensors and transducers are designed with Bluetooth in mind from the very beginning. This makes them far more reliable, and the wireless-transmission electronics utilize high-quality, military components. This direct integration merges the wireless feature with the actual measuring sensors. If you want accurate sensors and transducers, which offer a real remote option, you’ll want to make sure that you get the real deal, not some hacked together, home-brewed design.

Sensordata prides itself as being the only manufacturer with a line of true integrated wireless signal transmission.


Our Bluetooth line transmits data to as far as 50 feet for class 2 BT, and as far as 100 feet for class 1.5 BT.

Our RF 915 MHz systems are capable of signal transmission for as far as one mile line-of-site, and as far as 700- 1000 feet inside a plant.


Our wireless transmission electronics use State-of-the-Art military specification components and are integral with the measuring sensors and NOT an add-on like some of the home made equipment often advertised. Both the Bluetooth and RF 915 systems are within the ISM band (Industrial-Scientific-Medical), meaning no licenses are required.

Wireless Coupled Flange Drive Rotary Torque Sensor
BT4000 Series Wireless Coupled Flange Drive Rotary Torque Sensor