Choosing the Right Torque Sensor Manufacturer

//Choosing the Right Torque Sensor Manufacturer

Choosing the Right Torque Sensor Manufacturer

Finding the Best Torque Transducer Manufacturer

Choosing the proper torque transducer manufacturer is crucial to keeping your equipment functioning optimally and safely. This critical component is vital to ensuring that safe load limits are not exceeded. It is important to remember that these measurement sensors are only as reliable as the torque transducer manufacturer that produced them. To select the best manufacturer for your torque transducer, you must first determine the specific type of sensor you need. While it may be enticing to go with the least expensive option, you may be jeopardizing the integrity of the information the torque sensor is recording. Generally, steering clear of prices that seem too good to be true for this piece of equipment is your safest bet. Now, this does not mean you should rush out and buy the most expensive torque transducer on the market either. Picking the correct torque meter to suit the needs of your situation requires substantial thought and planning. Which ever torque transducer you do hone in on should be high in quality and accurate enough to obtain the specific torque measurements you require. Here are a few factors worth considering when choosing the correct torque transducer.

Torque Sensor Measurement Capabilities

When first scouring the internet for torque sensors, it is crucial to determine the specific requirements that the sensors must meet. Your purchase will be in vain if you select a torque transducer that is unable to finitely measure the minute readings your project calls for. Some applications demand that just the amount of torque be measured. Other, more complex, instances call for additional factors like real-time monitoring and control. For example, say that you are to measure the strain exerted on a certain object. In this case, a torque measurement strain-gage would be suitable.

Types of Torque Transducers

Once you have familiarized yourself with parameters you will be measuring, you will then need to distinguish the specific type of torque you are recording. Luckily, there are only two types of torque – static and dynamic. Because there is no rotation or angular acceleration occurring in static torque, a reaction torque transducer should be a viable option for measuring variables. When dealing with instances of dynamic torque, it is best to rely on information gathered from rotary torque transducers. This type of torque transducer is capable of measuring acceleration and is compact enough to be positioned adjacent to the mechanical force being measured. Although torque transducers have made significant advancements in design, it is pivotal that you consider the amount of space in which you will be utilizing your torque transducer.

Mounting Your Torque Transducer

Being aware of what you are specifically measuring and the working space to that is available to you is pivotal. Many instances involving torque measurement usually require that the torque transducer be placed as closely to the machine as possible. While this may seem straightforward, there are numerous approaches for mounting a torque transducer to your equipment.  Hex nuts, shaft-to-shaft, square mounts and others are some ways you can adequately secure your torque sensor. This is also when you will need to verify any additional requirements for the sensor, such as the RPMs it will be subjected to, whether it will be submerged and any other information that ensures its proper functioning.

Hopefully reading this list has helped you narrow down your choices of torque transducers. Being aware of what you are measuring and the design requirements of the torque sensor is half the battle. The other half is determining which torque transducer manufacturer you wish to do business with. In this case, you should only consider reliable vendors with a proven track record of customer satisfaction. A reputable torque sensor manufacturer will work closely with you and will make sure that the torque transducer you select meets all of your needs. SensorData Technologies Inc. has been crafting premium torque sensors since 1992. All of their products are crafted in-house at their Shelby Township, Mich. facility and carry product warranties. The professional staff of design engineers is able to provide useful torque sensor information while accommodating any unique challenges you may bring to the table.



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