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Custom Designs | Multi-Axis Measurement | Special Applications

custom sensor design

Custom Strain Gage Gearbox to measure bearing press force

At SensorData, we thrive on innovation. Custom sensor designs. Challenging new applications for our products. Special projects.

We specialize in custom sensor development, engineering and manufacture particularly designed to fit difficult and unique applications. Consider our team an extension of your engineering staff.

Chances are high we’ve seen and solved an application similar to the challenge you face. Collaboration between SensorData and its customers helps solve unusual measurement projects. We believe that ultimate success is when customers consider SensorData as teammates and partners.

Multi-Axis Torque and Force Sensors

Multi Axis Load Cells can accurately measure up to six components (3 forces and 3 moments) of load. For example, Independent strain gauge bridges are used to measure three directions of force: Longitude, Latitude, and Vertical, as well as, the moments about each force direction. Separate receptacles or cables are provided for each axis of measurement.

  • Measures torque and thrust simultaneouslyMulti-axis sensor
  • High strength stainless steel & aluminum construction
  • High stiffness, low cross talk, temperature compensated
  • NIST traceable calibration

Sample multi-axis models:

Special Applications

We pride ourselves while collaborating with your team to solve tough applications. Here are a few examples:

Special Projects

Check out a few of our special applications that turned into comprehensive special projects ==> READ MORE


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