Real Time Conveyor Diagnostic System Model M411-106-10K

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Real Time Conveyor Diagnostic System Model M411-106-10K


  • Wireless – up to 750′
  • Real Time data transmission
  • Simple “Drop-in” Design
  • Provides Conveyor Predictive Wear Analysis
  • Remote F. M. Base Station – Standard
  • Simultaneous Measurments of Fz, Mx, My, & Mz

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The patented M411-106-10K conveyor diagnostic system consists of a multiple axes sensor with on-board amplifiers, ADCs for each measurement axis, on-board 915 MHz transmitter with antenna, and remotely located base station transceiver with antenna. The base station is connected to the USB port of a user supplied PC. When properly installed in a belt conveyor the M411-106-10K system measures, while the conveyor is in motion, tensile force Fz, horizontal bending moment Mx, vertical bending moment My, and twisting moment Mz. The M411-106-10K is supplied with software to help the user acquire and display the measured data in real time and archive the measured data for later comparison and analysis. The M411-106-10K is the ideal analytical tool to help anticipate and prevent costly conveyor breakdowns, and as an evaluation tool to help establish benchmarks for newly installed, or repaired, conveyors.


Sensor – Moment & Tension Bridges

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Temperature Range, operating                                                                                                                                                -65 0 F to +200 0 F

Temperature Effect on Output                                                       Moments 0.002% of load/0 F, tensile force 0.001% of load/ 0 F

Excitation Voltage                                          3.3 VDC (uses external 4.8 VDC NiMH rechargeable battery pack good for 30 hrs)

Maximum Load, safe Moments 150% of rated capacity, tensile force 300% of rated capacity aximum oad Itimate oments 00% f ated a acit ensile orce 600 0/ of ated a acit Number of Strain Gage Bridges               4

Weight, sensor link +4.8 VDC rechargeable battery pack                                                                                                                       4 lbs