Fatigue Rated X-Y Force Sensor Model M231-112

//Fatigue Rated X-Y Force Sensor Model M231-112

Fatigue Rated X-Y Force Sensor Model M231-112

  • Measures X & Y forces
  • 2 mV/V +/- 0.25% each axis
  • Cross talk <0.5%
  • Fatigue rated
  • Custom designs & capacities available
  • SAE 4340 alloy steel construction with satin nickel finish
  • Supplied with mating connectors

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SensorDatas M231 X-Y Force Sensor is primarily used to measure radial (R) and side (S) forces in tire test machines. The M231 sensor element was designed to ensure that force components would be evenly distributed over 360 degrees of tire rotation. Strain gage bridge wiring cancellation techniques provide a signal that is virtually error free. The M231 is the only force sensor of its type to be fatigue rated. The M231 is also available in sizes and capacities not covered by this data sheet. Consult the factory for details.


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STD-1000/500, STD-2000/1000, STD-1500/500, STD-2000/500, STD-2000/750


Rated CapacityPlease Download the Data Sheet for all Features and Specifications
Nonlinearity0.10% of rated output
Hysteresis0.10% of rated output
Nonrepeatability0.05% of rated output
Rated Output, typical2 mV/V +/- 0.25%
Zero Balance+/-1% of rated output
Temperature Range, operating-65 to +200 F
Temperature Range, compensated+70 to +170 F
Temperature Effect on Output0.002% of load/F
Temperature Effect on Zero0.002% of rated output/F
Input Impedance, minimum380 ohms
Output Impedance350 +/- 3.5 ohms
Excitation Voltage, typical10 VDC or VAC rms
Excitation Voltage, maximum (1)20 VDC or VAC rms
Insulation Resistance>5000 megohms at 50 VDC
Maximum Load, safe (2)150% of rated capacity
Maximum Load, ultimate (3)200% of rated capacity
Deflection at Rated Capacity, typical0.0025 in
Fatigue rating, full fatigue tension to full fatigue compression108cycles
Number of Bridges2
Weight, lbs7.5
Construction SAE 4340 alloy steel with satin nickel finish