True Wireless

//True Wireless
  • The industry true Bluetooth exclusive Model BT4000 Series Wireless Coupled Flange Drive Rotary Torque Sensor from SensorData Technologies is the only device on the market that offers high-reliability torque sensing where excessive vibration is a concern. The series is designed to be used as drop-in replacements for legacy applications in which prior torque sensor installations may have damaged sensor power rotors, resulting in serious downtime and repair costs.Get your Free Quote Now!
    • Rotor-low inertia & high stiffness
    • compact design
    • Rated capacities up to 8,000 IB-FT
    • Rated speed up to 15,000 rpm
    • Zero velocity speed sensor- optional
    • Remote Bluetooth base station- Standard
    • Digital and analog signal options
    • SAE 4340 alloy steel- satin nickel finish
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