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Services Offered By SensorData Technologies Inc.

SensorData Technologies researches, designs and manufactures standard and custom measurement sensors. Since 1992, we have developed sophisticated torque transducers, force sensors, load meters and strain gauges for a number of clients around the world. Past clients we have crafted sensors for span aerospace, automotive, medical, military, construction and civil sectors. Our keen expertise in sensor design means you benefit from tried and proven insight. SensorData Technologies continues to answer the marketplace’s growing need for application of the measurement device to the test. Whether you need comprehensive consultation, torque transducers, force sensors, strain gauges, load meters or replacement parts for wireless sensors, SensorData Technologies has the solution for your unique situation.

Innovative Sensor Research and Development

Having such a diverse clientele allows SensorData Technologies to have an expansive market exposure in relation to supplying and designing measurement products. Transducers range from multi-axis tire geometry sensors, to multi-component wheel torque and vehicle weight sensors. If you require simple reaction torque for mixing applications, or more complex force applications within true fatigue environments, we will the right transducers for you. In the event that we do not have the sensor you need, our intuitive engineers are ready to collaborate with you at a moment’s notice. Understanding the exact requirements our client is working to satisfy is the fastest way to developing an effective solution. Our extensive research and development capabilities discover fixes to even the most complex sensor situations. As a customer-driven sensor engineering company, we take great pride in providing timely responses to your inquiries. Our deep commitment to custom orders is something we stand by. When your situation demands results, SensorData Technologies delivers promptly without the cost of inflated rates. When you succeed, we succeed.

In-House Measurement Sensor Manufacturer

To sustain and foster our logistical capabilities, all products of SensorData Technologies are designed, manufactured, and tested in-house at our global corporate headquarters in Shelby Township, Michigan. Our quality assurance is fully traceable to the NIST. Every product shipped from our plant carries the full backing of a rigid testing and documentation program. Our measurement sensors even carry warranties that safeguard against damages. SensorData Technologies’ warehouse facility is also fully equipped with a standards calibration lab. The setup boasts a torque capability to 500,000 lb.-in. and force to 300,000 lbs. Our continued dedication to producing state-of-the art wireless sensors and measurement equipment guarantees a certified and traceable conformance to product specifications.

Leadership at SensorData Technologies

SensorData is proud of the highly experienced technical people working to design, manufacture and test your product. The foundation of any successful business is the enthusiasm and capabilities of its people. SensorData has put extensive resources into the hiring and training of the people who share our passion for engineering excellence and technology. Each employee has had years of specialized training in related fields and brings a wealth of value-added technical experience to the successful application of your torque, force, load or strain sensor.


Sherif-Gindy[1]Dr. Sherif Gindy, Co-Owner and President

Years of Industry and Technical Experience: 30+
Number of U.S. Technology Patents: 9 
Member of SensorData Technologies, Inc. Team Since: 1992

Sherif Gindy, Ph. D., is co-owner and co-founder of SensorData Technologies. He brings more than 30 years of direct industry experience and technical applications to the team. Dr. Gindy earned his doctorate of science degree in mechanical engineering from Wayne State University in Detroit, Michigan. Dr. Gindy’s considerable familiarity with measurement transducer design engineering has allowed him to pioneer new force sensors, load meters, strain gauges and torque transducers. Complementing these skills, Dr. Gindy also specializes in strain sensing, as well as optical and wireless technologies. Dr. Gindy holds nine U.S. patents relating to measurement transducers. He is the author of numerous technical articles and application notes. He has formally presented his technical findings at conferences all over the world.

SensorData Technologies, Inc. and Your Business

SensorData Technologies is proud of the highly experienced technical engineers and designers devoted to manufacturing and testing your measurement sensors. The foundation of any successful business is the enthusiasm and capabilities of its people. SensorData Technologies has put extensive resources into hiring and training individuals who share our passion for technology and engineering excellence. Each employee has years of specialized training in related fields. The valuable technical experience our team members bring directly correlates to your success. So, if you are in need to wireless transducers or custom measurement sensor applications, then call us at (586) 739-4254 or fill out our online quote form to get started today.