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Force & Torque Measurement Sensors

If you are reviewing torque sensor manufacturers, then chances are you are aware of the importance of accuracy. SensorData Technologies Inc. has been a premiere manufacturer of quality measurement sensors since 1992. No matter the industry, we are committed to delivering reliable products capable of calculating the minutest of details. All of our measurement sensors are designed, manufactured and tested in-house at our Michigan headquarters. Our warehouse facility carries a wide array replacement parts that can be shipped worldwide. Over the years, our intuitive engineers have had the privilege of supplying automotive industries, suppliers, and government agencies with dependable torque transducer sensors. Our responsive professional services and high-quality materials are what set us apart from other torque transducer manufacturers. At SensorData Technologies Inc. we take the time to consult with you. Fully understanding the situation is one of the fastest ways to solve it. Collaborating with our customers gives us insight to the answer you need.

Custom Torque Transducer Solutions

Unique problems require unique solutions. SensorData Technologies Inc. specializes in developing custom transducers for your industry. Our engineers take the necessary time to consult with you. Fully understanding the situation is one of the fastest ways to solve it. Collaborating with our customers gives us insight to bring their answers to fruition. On numerous occasions we have accommodated clients’ custom specifications. If we do have the torque transducer you need, we can make it for you. Our measurement sensors and carefully crafted with your exact need in mind. All torque transducers and measurement sensors are subjected to stringent testing to ensure their long-term functionality. The end results are measurement sensors and transducers you can trust, and we can be proud of. If you’re in need of innovative torque transducer solutions, fill out our free quote form to get started today.

Why Choose SensorData Technologies, Inc.?

Our comprehensive torque transducers and measurement sensors are the result of dedicated engineering and precise detail. Enlisting SensorData Technologies Inc. lets you enjoy substantial advantages like:

Precise Measuring

Our force and torque sensors have less influence on the measured materials, which increases the accuracy of reading results.

Optimized Force and Pull Measurements

Adjusting your machines to operate at optimum levels means increased performance and output.

Foremost in Strain Gauge Transducers

SensorData Technologies Inc. provides measurement sensors with the highest overload carrying capacity compared to competitors. 1000% O/L (5000% in some models).

Dual Range Capabilities

Slash setup times for high and low test requirements.
Exceptional Customer Service – Our standard and custom torque transducers reach you promptly anywhere in the nation or across the world.

Groundbreaking Technology

Proprietary innovations in torque transduce intelligence and development on new software. Wireless signals eliminate the need for cabling and are useful in confined spaces like engine test cells.

Great Support

All of SensorData Technologies Inc. products are backed by a support team of experienced engineers and technicians to get you up and running quickly.

Valuable Customers and Partners